Savvy Mom Sale, llc.
Seasonal Consignment Event
Proudly helping local families help themselves & lifting up our community.
NEW Consignors
Returning Consignors
Item Entry & Print Tags
Drop Off Shifts
Our tagging system & consignor process helps YOU get the BEST Consignor Incentives on the Gulf Coast with ease:​​

  • Sell up to 250 Items. Minimum of 20 items.

  • With a LIMIT of 150 Clothes per consignor

  • Print your tags & track your sales online!

  • Choose to donate or pick up your unsold items.

  • Scheduled drop off times for efficiency!

  • Each Consignor gets THREE Pre-Sale Passes:
  • 6pm - Consignor Pass
  • 7pm - Guest Pass
  • 7am - Early Birdy Pass on 50% Off Day.

​Volunteer to Earn up to 75%, sell up to 450 items, AND shop the first PreSales.​
Consign up to 250 items. (Volunteers may bring more.)
  • Limit of 150 SPRING & SUMMER Clothing sized Preemie to Juniors, as well as, Maternity Wear.
  • Shoes & accessories (Should be season specific)

  • Baby Equipment & Nursery Gear: Cribs, Bassinets, Strollers, Swings, Pack N' Plays, & Car Seats

  • Toys, Games, Books, DVDs
  • Outdoor Riding Toys & Equipment, Sports Gear
  • Dance/Gymnastics Outfits, Dress Up Costumes (No Halloween)
  • CHILDREN'S Furniture & CHILDREN'S Room Decor (no glass)

  • LADIES Costume Jewelry, Handbags, & limit of 10 ladies' shoes
  • Children's Boutique (all seasons will be accepted)
  • School uniforms (all seasons will be accepted)
150 MAX of the following clothing
will be accepted for the Spring 2018 Sale
Our goal is to help  consignors earn cash, as well as, helping local families prepare for the upcoming season.​​
Athough the Savvy Mom Sale is held three times a year, we must limit each sale to seasonally specific items.​
  1. Maternity
    SPRING & SUMMER Maternity Wear, including belly support bands, like new nursing bras & tops.
  2. Dress Up Costumes only
    Dress Up Costumes only
    Only costumes that are available YEAR-ROUND will be accepted. EX: Disney Store costumes, superheroes, etc. NO Halloween costumes!
  3. Sportswear
    This includes: Gymnastics Leotards Dancewear Football Attire Baseball/Softball Attire, etc.
Exceptions to the Seasonal Rule
  1. ALL Children's Boutique
    ALL Children's Boutique
    We will accept ALL Seasons: Children's Boutique Wear
  2. ALL School Uniforms
    ALL School Uniforms
    We will accept all seasons of school uniform attire. This includes short-sleeved collared tops, shorts, pants, skirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  3. ALL Fall & Winter Fabrics
    ALL Fall & Winter Fabrics
    Occasionally, we have clothing that falls in a strange category. Ex: Sweater vests, shorts that are made of sweat suit material. We will accept ALL: fleece, sweaters, corduroy, velvet, sweat suit fabric, etc.
  1. Can I use hand-written tags?
    No. The Savvy Mom Sale only accepts barcoded tags printed on WHITE card stock. With barcoded tags, we can scan at checkout & allow our consignors to keep track of their items that sell.
  2. I decided to lower the price, do I have to reprint the tag?
    Yes. If you make any changes after you print a tag, you MUST re-print a new tag.
  3. Can I use colored card stock?
    NO. We only accept WHITE card stock. This provides the best contrast so that the scaners can read the barcodes.
  4. What percentage do consignors earn?
    Our consignors earn 65% of what they sell.
  5. Is special software required?
    No. Once you have registered to consign, you will only need access to the internet & printing capabilities. Because our program is user-friendly, you can create your tags.
  6. Can I earn MORE than 65%?
    Absolutely! The consignors who volunteer during the sale can earn up to 75%. One shift volunteers earn 70% and Two shift volunteers earn 75%
  7. Is there a participation fee?
    Yes. There is a $10, cash only, participation fee. This is collected when you drop off your items.
  8. Can I split volunteer shifts?
    ABSOLUTELY! You can working one half on two separate days. You can bring a friend or family member to work with you, or for you. We allow 12+ years or older children, who are responsible, to volunteer during the Savvy Mom Sale, too!
Consignor Guides
Consigning requires a little work, but it can be very rewarding!​​​​
You can get paid for the stuff that you child no longer needs AND reduce your household clutter!

Good-bye hand-written tags!
​With our tagging system, you easily enter your items on your computer/phone & PRINT barcoded tags. No software required!
Mobile-friendly item entry.
Enter inventory with your microphone!
Pricing Guides & Searchable Recall List
How to Price
How to Price Baby Gear, furniture, etc.
Consignor Drop Off: Monday, Mar. 5 & Tuesday, Mar. 6 
Consignor Pick Up: Sunday, March 11: 5-6pm
​​ Every consignor should sign up for a Drop Off Appointment  

Drop Off Appointments speed up Consignor Check-In.
They minimize the crowd & help us to prepare for your arrival.

​Our goal is effeciency, but this requires ​EVERYONE to do their part:

Show up on time

​Have your items in order

​Be willing to lend a hand

​Q:  What if you miss your appointment?
A:  We will work you in after during the public sale.

Q:  Volunteering during drop off?
A:  You can drop off your items after your shift.
What to expect at Drop Off
BEFORE you load your car

Please ​​​​​SET A REMINDER:
​Consignor Pick Up is Sunday, March 11: 5-6pm
​ (We can always use extra volunteers this day!)
BONUS PERKS for Volunteers that Consign:

Increase your earning potential & Shop earlier
2 Shifts = 75% & enter PreSale at 4pm
1 Shift = 70% & enter PreSale at 5pm

Consign More (max of 450 items)
2 Shifts = consign up to 450 items
1 Shift = consign up to 350 items
Our Volunteers get the ULTIMATE Perks!

Consigning is NOT a requirement, but the PERKS are worth it!

Volunteers are always the FIRST to shop!

We try our best to express how much we appreciate our hard-working volunteers. So, we always provide food & drinks!