Savvy Mom Sale, llc.
Seasonal Consignment Event
Proudly helping local families help themselves & lifting up our community.
We invite you to volunteer, consign, & shop with the Savvy Mom Sale!
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Volunteer - SHOP 1st, Earn More, & Consign More, too!
Our Volunteers get the ULTIMATE Perks!​​

Consigning is NOT a requirement, but the PERKS are worth it!

Volunteers are always the FIRST to shop!

We try our best to express how much we appreciate our hard-working volunteers. So, we always provide food & drinks!
BONUS PERKS for Volunteers that Consign:​​

Increase your earning potential & Shop earlier
2 Shifts = 75% & enter PreSale at 4pm
1 Shift = 70% & enter PreSale at 5pm

Consign More (max of 450 items)
2 Shifts = consign up to 450 items
1 Shift = consign up to 350 items
Volunteer Shifts
Consign with the Savvy Mom Sale!
Register to Consign
Consign up to 250 items. (Volunteers may bring more.)​​

  • Limit of 150 SPRING & SUMMER Clothing sized Preemie to Juniors, as well as, Maternity Wear.

  • Shoes & accessories (Should be season specific)

  • Baby Equipment & Nursery Gear: Cribs, Bassinets, Strollers, Swings, Pack N' Plays, & Car Seats

  • Toys, Games, Books, DVDs
  • Outdoor Riding Toys & Equipment, Sports Gear
  • Dance/Gymnastics Outfits, Dress Up Costumes (No Halloween)

  • CHILDREN'S Furniture & CHILDREN'S Room Decor (no glass) 

  • LADIES Costume Jewelry, Handbags, & limit of 10 ladies' shoes 

  • Children's Boutique (all seasons will be accepted)
  • School uniforms (all seasons will be accepted)
Our tagging system & consignor process helps YOU get the BEST Consignor Incentives on the Gulf Coast with ease:

  • Sell up to 250 Items. Minimum of 20 items.

  • With a limit of 150 clothes per consignor

  • Print your tags & track your sales online!

  • Choose to donate or pick up your unsold items.

  • Scheduled drop off times for efficiency!

  • Each Consignor gets THREE Pre-Sale Passes:
  • 6pm - Consignor Pass
  • 7pm - Guest Pass
  • 7am - Early Birdy Pass on 50% Off Day.

​Volunteer to Earn up to 75%, sell up to 450 items, AND shop the first PreSales.​