Savvy Mom Sale, llc.
Seasonal Consignment Event
Proudly helping local families help themselves & lifting up our community.
  1. Proper ID required
    Proper ID required
  2. Proper ID required
    Proper ID required
  3. Proper ID required
    Proper ID required
Want to SHOP early?
Volunteer for the BEST steals & deals:​​
During the TWO Shift PreSale, there are typically less than 20 shoppers! A-MAZING!

You can volunteer, even if you aren't able to consign - although the volunteering consignor always gets the ULTIMATE perks:
  • CONSIGN MORE (up to 450 items)
  • EARN MORE (up to 75%)

The NEW MOMS PreSale is for Biological & Adoptive  FIRST-TIME: Mothers, Fathers, & Grandparents. Individuals may only register for this pass one time with the Savvy Mom Sale.
These passes are limited in number & will be available Wednesday, October 25th at 7am!

We close at 9PM. NO babies, children, or strollers are permitted in the sale on PreSale Night. They are welcome during the public sale. 
Parents often tag-team, especially with a nursing infant, by using the lobby as a babysitting area.
  1. DVDs & Books
    DVDs & Books
  2. Infant Toys
    Infant Toys
  3. Outdoor Toys
    Outdoor Toys
  4. Toys for Girls
    Toys for Girls
  5. Riding Toys
    Riding Toys
  6. Girl's Boutique
    Girl's Boutique
  7. Boy's Boutique
    Boy's Boutique
  8. School Uniforms
    School Uniforms
  9. Costumes & Dance
    Costumes & Dance